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Theroboerp software provides and cover variety of essential functions that integrates every department of your business around the world by providing real-time view of your data and processes.It also streamline every department work flows for better decision making and growth.

Control your Business from one Dashboard.

HR management manage people within his/her organizations, focusing on policies and on systems.Maintain information related to employee like payrolls, leaves, claims, reports are generated.

CRM concerned with strategies that system use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers.


Inventory Management is to track orders, control stock, and manage his/her company details. Inventory is the quantity of a particular product that is available for sale. It is to setting up and organizing products.

Financial Management handle all the details like general journal, trial balance, general ledgers, accounts. Its main responsibility is to complete the finance function successfully.

Discovered Amazing Benefits.

Increased Productivity

Since all the data can be accessed from one location, it easier for the employees to manage and perform day-to-day tasks.


Adding new functionality to the system as the business needs change is easy. Means easy management of new processes, and more.

Improved reporting

Improper reporting possibility is eliminated as it follows an automated report system, allowing to access information seamlessly.

Better supply chain

It improved procurement, inventory, demand forecasting, etc.Improving the entire supply chain and making it more responsive.

Reduced complexity

Reduce the complexity of a business and introduce a neatly designed system of workflows.


Theroboerp improve the accuracy, consistency and security of data. Restrictions to data can also be enhanced.

Our Features

  • Separate Individual Logins
  • Employee management with its leave, payrolls, claims, benefits, its reports
  • Product planning, purchase
  • Manufacturing or service delivery
  • Multiple Companies Management
  • Claims management
  • Financial management with complete reports
  • Inventory management
  • Reports management
  • Site setting can be done easily
  • Weekly , Bi-weekly & Monthly Payrolls
  • Run your own SAAS Based ERP