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What makes Theroboerp different?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software provides and cover variety of essential functions that integrates every department of your business around the world by providing real-time view of your data and processes.

ERP also streamline every department work flows for better decision making and growth.As a fully integrated system, ERP automates allied departmental information in to a single relational database. An ERP, which formerly would have been stand-alone applications include: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Financial, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources, Warehouse Management and Site Settings Modules System.


Our Key Features

Human Resource Management

It facilitates HR operations by reducing time-intensive administrative tasks and lowering costs by deploying self-service applications.

Customer Relationship Management

It offers consistent and readily available customer and prospect data, allowing to manage pre-sales activities.

Supplier/Purchase Order Management

This module is well integrated with the production planning and inventory control modules and also the supply chain process.

Inventory & Material Management

It facilitates the process of maintaining the exact level of stock in warehouse and helps to manage & report inventory information.

Financial Module

Integrated with all functionality and generates valuable financial reports such as general journal & ledgers, cost center analysis report.

Report Management

This feature provides visibility view reports like HR, payroll, leave, claims, benefits reports and many more.